Holiday Dessert Board

This is my first time making a board like this so I really was just winging it. I just used a wood cutting board that I had at home! For the middle of the board, I placed some chocolate covered Oreos that I made with a kit from Walmart. The kit was $7 and it … Continue reading Holiday Dessert Board

Drugstore Makeup Routine

Today I want to share my drugstore makeup routine with you all! I get a ton of compliments on my makeup and people are usually shocked to find out I rarely spend a ton of money on my products. I go through them so fast, that it seems silly to me to pay $100 for … Continue reading Drugstore Makeup Routine

Fall Decor

Let’s be real... fall is 100% my favorite season. Today I’m just sharing how I decorated my apartment this year! On the table when you first walk in I just have this photo of my nephews from the pumpkin patch last year in a frame from Target. Both of these pumpkins are from the Target … Continue reading Fall Decor

Self Improvement

Life has been so crazy lately. Between COVID, finishing my degree, moving, changing jobs and getting a new car I feel like I can barely keep up. That being said, I really want to focus more on myself and my goals so I was super excited to find out about September being National Self Improvement … Continue reading Self Improvement