How I Transformed my Instagram

Let’s be real – everyone wants the perfect Instagram, #amiright?! When I first started growing my account, I thought I had it all together, but I definitely did not. I’m finally super happy with my aesthetic and I get tons of questions about my page, so I figured why not share some tips. Disclaimer: I’m not saying that you’re wrong or your feed is bad if you do these things. These are just my personal preferences and what I look for in accounts I follow. For reference, click here for my Instagram.

Your handle

First things first, your handle. Everyone has their opinion on these and as I said before, this is mine. Mine used to be @allison_xoxo, can we say cringy? When I started gaining followers and wanting to start a blog, I wanted to ditch the xo and have something that could be the same across the board. That’s how Life by Allison came about, and I like it 100 times better than @allison_xoxo.

So when I’m following people, one thing I can’t STAND is when there’s not a name in their handle. I don’t care if it’s your first name, your last name, your kids name; I NEED a name to refer to your page by. If I can’t call you by some sort of name, then I don’t want to follow you. Simple. Again, just my preference.

Your profile photo

Profile photos are more important than you’d think. When you post a photo or comment on someone’s post, the bubble is so small. If I can’t even see what your picture is, then I’m not gonna want to check out your page. I always have mine as a close up selfie.

Your bio

Your bio is super important because it’s the first thing people see when they go to your page. I struggled with mine for so long, but I think I’m finally happy with it.

Everyone always says it should tell people what your page is about. But what is my page about? I’m a 21 year old college student who posts her collabs and whatever comes to mind that day. My page would be considered lifestyle, but there aren’t specific things I post about. This was my struggle for months.

I really wanted a hashtag or two in my bio, not sure why, but I did. I could never think of any. Then, when I was struggling to tell people what my page was “about” I thought why not #lifestyleinfluencer. I feel like that tells people exactly what my page is based around.

I love to know where people are from. Again, I’m super nosey, but it makes me feel like I know them on a more personal level, so I added my city and state.

I feel like all this information can give people context clues about my page and if they find it relatable or interesting, they’ll follow me.

The format is also super important. I use minimal emojis where I feel they fit and all lowercase letters because I think it’s cute. I use regular font, not some fancy lettering, and I have things on separate lines to make it easier to read.

When I come across someone’s page, if your bio is all scrunched together in one line or loaded with emojis I’m not even gonna try and decipher it. People like things that are easy on the eyes. I don’t care about your kids names, the date you started dating your boyfriend, etc. I wanna know who you are and what your page is about.


Highlights are important. I want to see the types of things you’re posting on your stories and the stuff that doesn’t make it to your feed. You should have at least 5 highlights (to go all the way across your profile).

I narrowed my categories down based on what I post on my stories the most. I made my highlight covers on Canva, and I tried to make them match my feed as best as possible.


Okay, now to the good stuff. The actual feed. Where do I even start?!

Let’s talk aesthetic. Everyone wants their page to flow and be super cohesive. I’m gonna break it down step by step.

Taking photos. I literally take photos of anything and everything. Food, nature, myself; if it’s cute, I’m gonna take a picture of it. BUT not everything I take a photo of makes the cut. Sometimes it sucks not being able to post a certain photo, but that’s the downfall with wanting a cohesive feed. I try and keep this in mind when I take the pictures. My feed is very neutral: tans, browns, etc. so I look for neutral backgrounds and wear specific clothes when I know I’m going to be taking photos.

Editing photos. This one word is going to change your life. PRESET. I don’t know how they work or even how to explain it, but they’re amazing. I used to use the same filter on all my photos but that was not giving me the look I was going for. I bought my preset off Etsy for $4, so you don’t need an expensive one. It goes into Lightroom, and you literally add your photo and put the preset on. I adjust lighting and shadows depending on the picture. This is the number one reason as to why my feed looks so cohesive.

Order of posting. I use the Preview app and it’s a game changer. It shows your few recent Instagram posts and then you can put photos in there that you will be posting. You can play around with the order and see how they look best. I don’t put photos with super similar colors / backgrounds together. This is just personal preference. I usually do this on the weekends and plan out all of my posts for the week.

Captions. When I’m posting for a brand, I typically just introduce the brand and give a review on the product(s). But what do you say when you’re posting random photos? A random caption. People like real life, relatable stuff and it makes them feel like they know you. I might tell a story, talk about what happened that day, what I have coming up that week, literally anything that comes to my mind.

These are all the tips and tricks I used to transform my page. Check it out here. What #instagramtips do you want me to share next?! Let me know in the comments and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

XO, Allison

9 thoughts on “How I Transformed my Instagram

  1. Nice tips! I personally don’t care about age, so for me that’s not necessary as I don’t look for it, but I can see it from your perspective in terms of context given and pov the person is coming from.

    Then again, it might be because I’m old! šŸ˜šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‰


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