My Enneagram Test Results

I took this test a while ago but never knew what the numbers meant or cared to analyze them. But now I want to.

The Enneagram Test is basically a personality test that puts you into one of nine personality categories based on your answers to some general questions. The categories are the perfectionist, the giver, the achiever, the individualist, the investigator, the loyalist, the enthusiast, the challenger and the peacemaker. I took this test again and I’m gonna be sharing my results.

My results were:

  • Type 1: 44%
  • Type 2: 71%
  • Type 3: 72%
  • Type 4: 60%
  • Type 5: 40%
  • Type 6: 51%
  • Type 7: 39%
  • Type 8: 75%
  • Type 9: 8%

So I’m pretty equally between a type 2, type 3, and type 8. The giver, the achiever, and the challenger. Let me tell you, these results are pretty spot on.

Twos are known to be approachable, excellent team players, nurturing and patient. Honestly, I wasn’t too sure how much I agree with this one. Until I read this part. “On an average level, twos constantly seek ways to feel important by attending to other’s needs. They feel fulfilled when others tell them how important they are. But twos may burn out and overcompensate.” Yep, that’s me. I like feeling appreciated.

Threes want to be successful and admired by other people. They usually have an impressive range of accomplishments, are extremely busy and on the go, and make good first impressions. If you know me, you know I am SO busy. I like to stay busy. I’d say I have some impressive accomplishments for only being twenty-two: my own car, my own apartment, I work multiple jobs and I’m in my last year of school. Threes have a taste for the finer things in life. TRUE. I love nice things. “Achievers may have top-notch Instagram feeds, a seemingly ‘perfect’ life, and the charm to prove it.” I’ll let you decide for yourself how true THAT one is.

Eights are independent, self-sufficient, very energetic, busy, stubborn, goal-orientated, self-competent, and headstrong. These are seriously spot on. Known to hold their heads high and pick themselves right back up after every downfall. I try my hardest! I’m not one to let things get to me for too long, I move on and figure out what to do going forward. My favorite part – “as children, they may have been called ‘bossy'” (LOL). Eights typically pride themselves in honesty and the truth. They believe in the mantra of creating their own luck and work very hard to make things happen, no questions asked. This is SO me!!! Respect is earned through reason, not age or status. Yep, I’ll treat you how you treat me regardless. Eights are known to freely offer advice. Yeah, sorry about that.

I scored highest as an eight and I’d definitely agree. If you’ve never taken the Enneagram Test, I definitely recommend it! Let me know in the comments if you’ve taken it and what number you are!

XO, Allison

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