Whats in my Bag

I usually only carry a small cross body when I’m going somewhere because I think they’re super convenient. So here are the (few) necessities I always have on me.

First and foremost, my wallet and keys (obviously). I wouldn’t get very far without either of those things. I usually take a small wallet with just my ID and debit card and leave everything else home.

I always have a little bit of makeup with me. Most of the time I just have powder and a brush just in case I need to touch up. I also always carry either a lipstick or lip gloss so I can reapply thoughout the day. Sometimes I have a perfume rollerball, depending on the day and what I’m doing.

That’s really all I put, or should I say, all I can fit in my purse. Usually when I’m heading out I take my Clever Made Snap Basket (the actual best invention ever) and I throw my purse in there along with a water, some snacks, and whatever else I might need for the day.

What are your bag necessities?

XO, Allison

22 thoughts on “Whats in my Bag

  1. My bag is dependent on where I am going. If its shopping day or quick outing with the kids its a small quick bag. Lipgloss, hand lotion, pack of tissues, purse and keys. But if it’s like a full day out then I have a bigger bag with more essentials.


  2. Sometimes I put waaay too many things in my purse! I always want to be prepared but I usually only need my ID and lip balm. LOL 😊 I also make sure I have my insurance cards. And I make a copy of everything in my wallet (credit cards, especially) just in case.


  3. I feel like I have too much in my purse but can never find anything to take out… I have pens (you never know), lip gloss and chapstick, and of course my wallet and keys.


  4. I wish my list was this simple! The usually diaper bag must haves… For me personally: wallet, keys, metal straw, lip chap, brow brush, scrunchie, deodorant, hand sanitizer, water bottle… I’m a pack rat Lol


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