When and Why I Started Blogging

I get this question so often. I started blogging in October 2018. But I just have to say, it was never one of my goals to become an influencer or blogger. It honestly just fell into my lap and I rolled with it.

I remember one day, someone I follow on Facebook (who you may consider Instagram or Facebook famous) put up a status asking who wanted to join this Instagram group. And for some crazy reason, I commented that I wanted to join.

Through this group I met my friend Kimmy, who I literally talk to everyday. We were so compelled at the fact that these girls had thousands of followers and were getting product sent to them for free. We really wanted to do it.

So from there we started posting more often, researching hashtags, finding support groups with tips and tricks, and figuring the whole Instagram world out.

I had no idea back then I would be so successful. Now I have grown my account to 20,000 followers and receive products to try every single week. I seriously love all the opportunities I get and I know I’m super lucky.

Like I said, it just kind of fell into my lap. I didn’t even really know influencers were a thing before seeing all these accounts in this girls group. That being said, if you are trying to become an influencer I would recommend posting multiple times a week, using hashtags and engaging with your audience.

I answer a lot of Instagram questions on my story, so be sure to follow me there for my tips.

XO, Allison

14 thoughts on “When and Why I Started Blogging

  1. Wow that is awesome! My friend and I have been blogging for 2 years now and can’t seem to make any income from it. We do find enjoyment in it though and have met some great people!


  2. I love following your blog and look forward to hearing more tips and tricks to growing am audience in the future. Congrats on the success so far!


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