Three Last Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas is only 15 days away. Holy cow. I’ve done most of my shopping, but I still have a few little things to get. I realize that a lot of people aren’t even close to finishing, so I’m sharing three last minute gift ideas that I love and I’m sure whoever you’re gifting to will love as well.

Gena Graceful Subscription

Gena Graceful is an underwear subscription box that comes with quotes to help you be inspired and feel great every morning. I seriously love opening these boxes and I can guarantee that any woman in your life will too. You can pick how often you want the box, what size, and what style panties you want. They send two pairs (they’re really good quality) plus inspirational stories from real women. I love this company.

Lovery Gift Set

Lovery makes many different gift baskets that would be perfect to give as a gift! They have so many different scents and bundles, plus they come beautifully packaged so you wouldn’t really even have to wrap it. You can never have enough bath products, so this is the perfect gift for someone who loves comfort and relaxing. They have gifts for him, her, and even kids, so it’s easy to find something for everyone. You can order on Amazon as well!

Clever Made Snap Basket

Okay guys, this. I’ve been using my clever made for about a year now and I literally do not leave the house without it. It’s basically a cloth tote that snaps down and lays flat when you’re not using it which makes for super easy storage. It’s pretty big so when I have to run errands, I throw everything in there and it’s super easy to carry everything in the house. I seriously want to buy one of these for every single person I know because I love it so much.

What’s your go-to last minute gift?

XO, Allison

18 thoughts on “Three Last Minute Gift Ideas

  1. I really like gift sets and note cards as last minute gifts. I like giving gift cards, but dressed up a little more than in a greeting card… Like in a small tote or decorated gift card holder.


  2. That cloth basket is a brilliant idea because anyone will get use out of it!! My last minute gift idea is usually a Groupon experience gift or subscriptions– beef jerky, fabfitfun, etc!


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