My Go To Dinners

Let me just preface this by saying I’m not some fancy chef. I’m super picky and I really only enjoy the basics. But today I’m going to share two of my go to meals for myself, and that really work well as leftovers. It’s really hard to cook for one, so I generally use my meals for lunches the following day.


But not the traditional way. I cook the beef and use regular old taco seasoning. But I don’t use taco shells. I put the beef on a plate, add cheese, lettuce, taco sauce, sour cream and eat with chips. It’s like taco nachos. SO good.

The other day I actually only had small pieces of chips left so I crumbled them on top and ate it all with a fork, and that might just be my new way to do this dish.


Another basic one. I normally use penne pasta and any regular jar sauce. But I add some ground beef and a diced pepper to the sauce. I don’t know what it is, but this really takes your regular old pasta and red sauce to the next level. When it’s done and on the plate, I sprinkle some hemp seeds on top. You don’t really taste them, but they’re good for you.

This has become one of the meals I cook as part of my meal prep recently. I usually use one box of pasta, two jars of sauce, a pound of ground beef, and one pepper to make four meals.

What’s your favorite (easy) meal?

XO, Allison

10 thoughts on “My Go To Dinners

  1. We have a few easy meals. We’re in the UK so things like toad in the hole (sausage with Yorkshire pudding) or a stew, specially in winter! X


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