What does my future hold?

In a year, I’ll be 23, almost 24. I really hope I am working a career I love. I hope I’m in a stable relationship. And I hope I’m driving a way nicer car. Those are my goals for the next year. I envision myself still living in my same place, for now at least.

In five years, now that’s a good chunk of time. I’ll be 27, and I can only hope I have a place to call my own. I would love to be married and starting a family at this point. Ive always had the goal of having kids before turning 30, so I hope at this point I’m ready for that.

In ten years, I’ll be 32. I just hope I’m genuinely happy. I hope I have a nice home, and a family that I’m in love with. I hope me and my husband work jobs we love and have family dinners often. I hope I live relatively close to my parents and see them multiple times a month. But most importantly I just hope I’m happy.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

XO, Allison

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