Let’s Talk Tattoos

My first tattoo is a 44 on my wrist and the one I get the most questions on. As soon as my grandpa died, I started seeing this number everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. It was honestly kinda freaky. So I looked it up, and typically the same number in a row is an angel number and the angel number 4 means you have good spirits watching over you. It’s crazy I started seeing it as soon as my grandpa died. I mean the day after he died. I do not believe in coincidences.

My second tattoo is a chevron arrow on my forearm. If you google it, it means “you create your own reality” but honestly I just think it’s cute. Eventually I want to cover my inner forearm.

My third and fourth are for my mom. I have a heart she drew on my ankle, hearts are her favorite thing ever and she’s always doodling them everywhere. The other is a sunflower which she also loves and this is definitely my favorite tattoo.

Do you have any tattoos? Do they have meaning?

XO, Allison

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