How to get the Perfect Instagram Aesthetic

I get a lot of comments on my Instagram feed and I’m honestly really happy with it. But it’s hard to maintain that monochromatic look that I’m obsessed with. Lately, I’ve been slipping but going forward I plan to get be more strict with what I’m posting.

A lot of people think that a preset is key, but truthfully it all begins with the colors in the actual photo. A preset can help your feed look cohesive, but it isn’t a solution for every photo you’ve ever taken. So if you want a cohesive feed, you need a color scheme. I try and keep mine very neutral with tans, browns, whites and blacks. I just really like that look.

So to stick to this color scheme, I’ll only wear neutral outfits and I take photos in neutral places. Luckily for me, my apartment matches this color scheme perfectly. But I do like to take a lot of photos outside for the natural lighting, so I usually will go to a building that has some plain walls. Brick and concrete are my go to, and often I’ll batch shoot photos at a plaza so I have different backgrounds from all the different buildings.

I use a preset in Lightroom that really accents the tan and brown tones, which does help with making all my photos match. But like I said, it’s not always effective at giving me the look I’m going for. In this case, I’ll use the app Photoshop Fix and use the “paint” feature. I’ll paint the background or certain objects in the photo a tan color to make it blend better with my feed. You’d be surprised at how many of my photos I do this to, and you can’t even tell. It’s the most effective when the color is just a little off, for example I use it a lot on red brick to make the brick more neutral.

Lastly, and unrelated to cohesiveness, I really like the Airbrush app for editing photos as well. I use the “magic” feature on pretty much all of my photos, which will whiten my teeth, smooth out my face, and get rid of any dark circles and acne. It really just takes the photo up a notch.

I put all my photos in the Plan app and move them around before I post them so that I can see how they’ll look next to each other. This is really a game changer, but it only works if you have content prepared to post. I usually do this at the beginning of the week to plan out my posts and make sure they all flow. It does help to have filler content prepared, so if you aren’t happy with the way two photos look next to each other, you have some flexibility and can switch photos around.

Hopefully these tips are helpful!!

xo, Allison

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