Fall Decor

Let’s be real… fall is 100% my favorite season. Today I’m just sharing how I decorated my apartment this year!

On the table when you first walk in I just have this photo of my nephews from the pumpkin patch last year in a frame from Target. Both of these pumpkins are from the Target dollar spot.

I also have this Hello Fall sign from Hobby Lobby.

On my dining room table, I just have this vase from Michael’s. I bought a couple bundles of flowers from Michael’s, cut them up and arranged them.

On one side of my couch, I have this plaid pillow from Michael’s.

On the other side of the couch, I just threw an orange blanket from Marshalls.

Next, we’re on to the shelves above my couch. Starting on the left side, I have a glass vase from the Dollar Tree filled with mini pumpkins from Michael’s. The vase is Rae Dunn from Marshalls filled with another bundle of flowers from Michael’s. The pumpkin is from Michael’s as well.

On the top shelf, the orange and white pumpkins are both from Dollar Tree. On the bottom shelf, I have another glass vase from Dollar Tree with mini pumpkins from Michael’s. The pumpkin is from Hobby Lobby.

On the right, the yellow pumpkin is from Michael’s, the orange burlap pumpkin is from Dollar Tree, the orange ceramic pumpkin is from Decocrated and the tan burlap pumpkin is from Dollar Tree.