How I’m Practicing Self Care in 2021

If you know me, you know I am constantly on the go, so I never give my time to just relax and make sure I’m okay. My main goal for this year is to prioritize myself. More self care all 2021.

My favorite way to practice self care is to plan out my days and work off to do lists. I’m constantly adding to the list, so it never actually gets completed, but I love to have everything written down. I also started planning out my weekends so that I do a few important things each day and then leave myself to do whatever else I want, whether that be doing something productive or just relaxing.

I also want to give myself more “me time.” I want to start reading again, even if its just for ten minutes every night. I want to give myself an hour or so on Sundays to do face masks and stuff like that. I used to do this all the time, but now I find myself using the excuse that I’m too busy. No more of that.

Lastly, I’m working on perfecting a daily schedule for the weekdays. My days are pretty crazy and I usually cut out things that I truly want to do because I use the excuse that I don’t have time. In the morning, I’m trying to make sure that I get up and out of bed early enough to enjoy my breakfast and coffee before having to leave for the day. I hate feeling rushed so I have to get up at least an hour before I have to leave. After work, I usually go to the gym for a couple of hours and then go home. I usually eat dinner, go on Instagram, shower and go to bed. I sometimes neglect loading the dishwasher and cleaning up, which leaves me more stressed the next day. I also want to make sure I’m doing my nighttime routine in its entirety every night. Most nights I skip multiple steps because I just want to get in bed. But I’ve been trying to tell myself that I don’t have to be done for the day by 7 pm every night. I go to work all day, then the gym, and then work on my side hustle, all while taking care of myself and my apartment, so of course it’s gonna take a little longer. I feel a lot better when I do all of the things I want to get done each day, so I’m working on that.

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