Not Your Typical Self Care

I wanted to talk about how I practice self care. Self care is not always bubble baths and face masks. It can be, but those don’t fit into my routine as often as I’d like.

For me, self care is pre-planning. I usually spend my weekends preparing for the upcoming week. That includes cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, meal prepping, taking Instagram photos, and anything else that I simply don’t have the time to do during the week. My main goal on the weekend is just to set myself up for success for the upcoming week.

I also write literally every single thing down in a planner. The planner that I have now has a section to time block and a huge to do list. So I write my whole day out. I usually do a lot of the same stuff on a daily basis, but writing it all down helps me with not getting so frazzled.

My schedule is pretty crazy. I typically go to work all day, head to the gym, and by the time I come home I usually have an hour or so to get stuff done before I want to relax and watch something. So listing everything out and knowing exactly what I have to get done is crucial for me.

Planning and making lists might not seem like a lot or like a form of self care. But let me tell you, my days changed drastically when I started doing this. I never have to remember everything I want to get done and I never have to worry.

If you’re busy and constantly on the go, consider taking some time to prep and plan. It really is a lifesaver!

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