Amazon Leggings

If you know me, you know I live in leggings. However, I’ve lost some weight and my clothes don’t fit me like they used to! So I was looking for some leggings that wouldn’t break the bank. I found two pairs on Amazon and I restocked my whole legging collection with these babies. The best part is that they’re under $30!

The first pair are the Colorfulkoala leggings. They are $29 and they are supposed to be a dupe for the Lululemon Aligns. I will say, I don’t have any Lululemon leggings so I cannot judge that aspect. But these leggings are buttery soft, the right amount of stretchy, and fit like a glove. I got a size small. I have heard that the printed and solid pairs are made differently and that the printed ones are better, and those are the ones I got, so I can’t speak for the solid ones just yet.

The other pair are the Hawthorn Athletic lettings. I tried these because an influencer I follow said they are also dupes for the Lululemon Aligns. Again, I cannot judge that. But these leggings are super stretchy and comfy. I love the length because they go just to my ankles as opposed to bunching up around my feet. They are $28 and I got an extra-small.

I am so happy that I found two pairs of leggings that I love but that are also super affordable! I will definitely continue to repurchase them.