Shein: Worth the Hype?

I finally took the plunge and ordered off Shein and I wanted to share my thoughts with y’all!

So first let me say, most of their things are super cheap. So I wasn’t expecting much in terms of quality. But boy, was I impressed!

Here are some of the pieces I got. I didn’t feel confident enough ordering pants, so I got a bunch of shirts and a few accessories. I will say, DEFINITELY read the reviews and choose your size based off of them. There are a couple pieces I sized up in significantly.

Overall, I am super happy with what I got! Everything was pretty good quality, especially for the price. I had a few things to return because they were the wrong size or I didn’t like how they fit, but their return process is super easy. I will definitely be placing another order!!

Let me know if you guys have ordered from Shein and what you thought!