How I Keep my Skin Clear

I get so many questions on how I keep my skin clear! I never really had acne per say, but I always used to get small breakouts all over and once in a while I'd get a huge zit that seemed to last forever. But lately, my skin has been looking so much better. Hopefully … Continue reading How I Keep my Skin Clear

Self Improvement

Life has been so crazy lately. Between COVID, finishing my degree, moving, changing jobs and getting a new car I feel like I can barely keep up. That being said, I really want to focus more on myself and my goals so I was super excited to find out about September being National Self Improvement … Continue reading Self Improvement

Life by Allison

Ahhh, its been quite some time since I blogged last. I miss it so much. So I'm starting again. I restarted once already before, but I really wanna get back into it. Although my life is still pretty busy, I think it's calmed down since the last time I blogged. I trashed all my old … Continue reading Life by Allison